NRL Class Action

What is the NRL Class Action about?

Mitry Lawyers are preparing a class action by current and former NRL players who have suffered long-term impacts of concussions suffered during the course of their career in the NRL.


For decades, players were ordered to continue playing despite these injuries. It has been held that they voluntarily assumed high contact sport on a professional level. Players were also sent back on the field before sufficient time had elapsed for the players to have recovered from the concussion incidents to the extent that they would be able to. Players were unaware that they should not have been allowed back on the field until this time had passed.  


A recent Australian study found that numerous head injuries could leave players with long-term impairments. The study found that two former rugby league players who have played more than 150 first-grade games each suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy resulting from concussions suffered during their careers. Several ex-players have since raised concerns about the concussion-related issues they have been struggling with since retirement.


Our investigation will involve looking into the causes of what we allege were reasonably preventable brain injuries among numerous current and formal NRL players. It will also involve consideration of the duty of care owed by NRL governing bodies and their liability for the damages suffered by current and former NRL players resulting from a breach of this duty of care.



Is there any financial risk when joining as a member of the NRL Class Action?

There is no financial risk to those seeking to join as a member of the class. The action will run on a separately funded basis.



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