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Current class actions.

NDIS Class Action

Mitry Lawyers is launching class action proceedings against the Commonwealth Government on behalf of individuals who are 65 years and over and who have a disability, due to their exclusion from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

Newcastle Light Rail Class Action

This is a class action proposed against Transport for New South Wales brought by businesses affected by the construction of the Newcastle Light Rail alleging a private and public nuisance.

Sydney Light Rail Class Action

Mitry Lawyers acted in a claim against Transport for NSW on behalf of hundreds of businesses who successfully argued that the defendant was liable for private nuisance.

Kalbar Gippsland Class Action

Mitry Lawyers is acting in a class action in relation to the conduct of representatives of Kalbar Operations Pty Ltd who have allegedly been continuously approaching and intimidating property owners and business proprietors with livelihoods dependent on the successful running of their business in the Gippsland rural region.


A class action, also known as a representative proceeding, is a claim brought as a single case on behalf of a group of claimants against a common defendant or defendants. It allows proceedings where there are common issues to be dealt with more efficiently for the benefit of the group as a whole, providing greater access to justice for individuals and businesses. 

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