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NDIS Class Action
Lead Plaintiff: Helen Bonynge

What is the NDIS Class Action about?

Helen Bonynge is a 71-year-old resident in the inner west of Sydney. She has lived with paraplegia for the past eight years.


Helen receives a level 2 Care Package but after means testing it is basically worthless, (as she must pay $31 per day towards her care). By contrast, under the NDIS, there is no means testing.


Helen’s situation is frustrating as she turned 65 six weeks before the NDIS started in Sydney’s inner west, where she lives, meaning she was too old. If she had lived in the Northern Beaches, where the NDIS was rolled out the previous year, she would have qualified.


Helen is a wife and mother of two adult children and has 4 grandchildren. For many years she worked as a counsellor with private patients as well as those from carers NSW and the Cancer Council Australia.

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